ONGOING PROJECTS / Bursa Wastewater Projet 2 Constructıon Of Ovaakça & Hasanağa Collectors

Client Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Water and Sewerage Administration (BUSKI) Location Bursa / TURKEY Start Date 2015 End Date Ongoing


Wastewater lines of quarters of Uluabat, Catalagil, Karacaoba, Baskoy, Golyazi, and Fadilli will be connected to the Fadilli Wastewater Treatment Plant within the scope of Ovaakca-Hasanaga Collector construction project. And, wastewater lines of quarters of Cayli, Badirga, Konakli, Buyukbalikli, Irfaniye, Hasanaga, Niluferkoy, Aksungur, Ahmetbeykoy, Caglayan, Derecavus, Gecit, Emek, Alasar, Ovaakca, and Karabalcik will be connected to the wastewater treatment plant to be built in Badirga-Hancerli. Within the scope of the above works, 6 elevation stations, 110 km-long sewer line, 8-km long elevation line, and 7 km-long rainwater line will be built in total.

Scope Of Work

-Excavating 1.187.300 m3
-Backfill with the excavated material 267.143 m3
-Filling and Bedding with Sub base Material Crushed and Screened by Stone Crusher from Quarry stone 623.333
-Transportation of Excess Material 920.158 m3
-Sheet Piling 282.000 m3
-Reinforced concrete (200 Dose-400 Dose-C30 (with SDC) 16.340 m3
-Reinforcement Steel bar in each Diameter 1.736 ton
-Flat and curved Surface Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Form 33.150 m2
-Laying of concrete pipes ( Ø 150-200-300-400-500-600-800-1000-1200-1400-1600-1800-2000-2200) 117.616 m
-Laying of PE 100 pipes (Ø 110-125-180-250-400-800) 7.875 m
-Laying of HDPE corrugated pipes (Ø 150-200-1000-1400-1600-1800) 1.926 m
-Precast Manhole 2.534 Pcs
-HDPE Manhole 70 Pcs
-Steel Guide Pipe with Dwelling Method (Ø 1400-1800-2000-2200) 476 m
-Laying of HDPE pipes with horizontal directional system (Ø 400- 800) 278 m
-Construction of Precast Concrete Box Culvert (1,5 m x 1,0 m) 94 m
-Construction of Air Valve structure with valve box 10 Pcs
-Single Storm water Grid 165 Pcs
-Series of Grid 260 m
-Wastewater Pumping Station (Package) 5 Pcs
-Wastewater Pumping Station (Reinforced Concrete) 1 Pcs

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